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About Us

Dany Technologies is a well-known brand which has successfully established its name in the international as well as local market. Since 2011, Dany Technologies has been striving to create a better global society. Working hard to create an environment where technology is easily accessible to everyone. Dany Technology is ambitious towards achieving its goals and aims to respond creatively to all future challenges. Our aim is to cater customers by providing them with top-quality products and best services to ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Dany contributes and enriches our IT and electronic industry through active participation and customer-focused team work. Our aim is to become a trend-setter in the global economic industry.

Dany Technology has successfully established its global offices in Pakistan, UAE, China and Egypt. Whereas, our distribution offices are in South Africa, Thailand, Greece, Mozambique serving clients in more than 22 countries. Our portfolio includes more than 400 products which are divided into four brands including Audionic, Dany, Ahsan-ul-Kalam, Monocruiser and Avocado.

Life at Dany is accepting and receptive. Employees are treated respectfully and opinions are valued. Employees are encouraged to share novel, innovative and different ideas as we believe there is no such thing as a bad idea. Ideas are brainstormed and mulled over to take a refining shape to be presented to the audience to keep nature of organization. 

We are committed towards creating a lifestyle which is beneficial for our customers by creating an innovative expertise that enables us to deliver high quality electronic products providing superior level of customer services. We ensure to place our entire dedication towards continuous improvement to fulfil our stakeholders' expectations.

Dany Technologies's vision is to be an excellent global electronics company by becoming a leader for initiating a benchmark with unique featured products that will not only benefit in prospering our people but will eventually boost up our industry by taking it to a new level as we care about the innovation and lifestyle that rapidly changes in today's world and more.

Our aim is to create the best products to meet our customers’ growing needs and demands by overcoming the rapid change in the technology to establish a platform built on trust and loyalty provided by the company to its customers around the world by ensuring that we provide better and comfortable lifestyle. We believe in long term image buiding. 

Who We Are

Dany Technology aims to create a global environment that is beneficial for both the company and its customers. We believe in working together with our customers to serve the global community and respond effectively and creatively to our future challenges. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers by giving them reliable and quality products.

Our Brands

We have diversified brands which include Audionic, Dany, Ahsan-ul-Kalam, Monocruiser and now Avocado. Our aim is to serve our customers with superior quality products and services. We value each customer and we work as a team to overcome all the hurdles to come up with new and latest products that meet our customers’ demands.

Meet Our Team

Our team is always working effectively and efficiently to serve best to our customers and we make sure that we can deliver them the best quality.


  • Abdul Rauf Jatelsarwala

    Chairman, Dany Technologies HK ltd.

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Chief Executive Officer, Dany Technologies HK ltd.

  • Muhammad Bilal Rauf

    We pride ourselves with building and creating smartest products to meet the growing demands of the people

  • Muhammad Salman

    Director Global Business, Dany Technologies HK ltd.


Our experienced team is present 24 hours to cater to our customers. We make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the products and services. We are delighted to serve our customers by building and creating smartest products to meet the growing demands of our customers.


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